Play Easy & Smart

Eyes On performs a real-time analysis of the events belonging to a game session, offering the line calling service for every hit and the most advanced physical and technical statistics on your performance

Play Easy & Smart

Improve the way you play through the Eyes On information and compare yourself with other players


Play Easy & Smart

Play, Enjoy and Eyes On will do the work. During and after the play session we provide you funny drills, video and performance data … all shareable in your social channel IMPROVEMENT becomes a breeze

Eyes On turns the usual tennis and padel practice into a new sporting experience through a detailed analysis typical of the professional circuit

In court

It offers the In/Out call for every hit, the service speed and the possibility to challenge yourself with a unique practice system

After the match

It provides analytical data about the practice/match sessions to analyze the way you play. Enhance your performance and compare yourself with other players. It allows you to share your sporting experiences with the community

The Tech-Court

Il campo tecnologico
HD cameras

Real time processing of high definition images for game analysis and streaming

Touch screen

Simple and immediate system interface

Flexible structure

Adaptable Mechanical structure easy to install Indoor/Outdoor

Image Processing

Advanced algorithms for image processing and statistics creation


Play easy & smart with Eyes On

In - Court

Playing in the Eyes On court you receive a real-time:

Line Calling

For every hit the Eyes On system defines and states the IN/OUT.


Speeds, hits precision, spin, landing point, traveled distance, burnt calories …


Slowmotion and Photograms of the shot, Instant Replay.


Out - Court

After the game session, connect to your personal area on pc, smartphone or tablet so you can:

Data Analytics

Watch your performance and check your progress.


Share events and compare your performance with the community.


Watch the effective playing time video about your game sessions, select the important moments (aces, errors, winners,…) to show and analyse the errors automatically indexed.

How it works

1 - Login
1 - Login

Use your credentials to login through the touch screen on the sideline

2 - Select the game mode
2 - Select the game mode

Choose the kind of activity you want to perform (match, rally, serves…)

3 - Play!
3 - Play!

Take advantage of the IN/OUT and the service speed audio calls to improve yourself and to focus on the game

4 - Check
4 - Check

Exploit a 3D analysis of the hits you want using the touch screen, track your technical and physical performance through the practice

5 - Watch
5 - Watch

Connect to your Eyes On Cloud personal area on smartphone or pc, watch, analyze and compare your performance

6 - Share
6 - Share

Share your results with the community

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